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Hello all, I’m Rod Little of the Yamaji and Nyoongar nations from Geraldton and Perth in Western Australia, now living in Canberra.

It has been a privilege to have been an inaugural elected Director of Congress since 2011. This experience, together with the support and encouragement of family, friends and colleagues has inspired me to embrace the challenge of this important leadership role.

My leadership experience has been strengthened through being an elected member of the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body since 2008, and Chairperson since 2011.

While in this role I have helped bring about some significant local achievements including:

In 2015, a successfully negotiated Whole of Government Agreement with the ACT government and a new Justice Partnership aimed at reducing the number of our people involved with the Justice system.

• Negotiated proposed amendments to the ACT Human Rights Act recognising Cultural Rights of our people inspired by the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

I am a respected and respectful leader with a successful track record of working hard for and with my people. I am motivated by honesty and integrity and always listen to the views of others in order to achieve positive outcomes.

There are still many important matters requiring serious attention.

Rights: Should I be elected Co-chair, I will continue to pursue the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the elimination of discrimination against our people in institutions, society and legislation. I will also pursue the advancement of Sovereignty and Treaty strategic conversations, nation building and the valued recognition of our cultures, languages, lands and waters. I will also maintain Congress’s strong international leadership.

Education: I am passionate about education success and have worked with some wonderful people in education, including on the development of Congress’s Education Policy. I would like to progress our Supporting Education Accountability Framework and see more of our own mob as teachers and principals to increase the likelihood of our children’s success.

Healthy and strong families and children are the key to our future. I will advocate for full inclusion of our people in policy development, decision making and services to support families to remain strong and to ensure health equity.

Economic wealth and growth: I aim to strengthen our relationship with our mob in businesses as they too are valuable and an important part of our future.

Justice: I will collaborate with our experts to strengthen our collective capacity to change the unacceptable status of over-representation of our people in the justice system.

Governance and leadership: I believe in Congress, and as a cohesive leadership group we will be best placed to build trusting relationships to lead and influence long lasting change for the benefit of future generations.

All of these aims can be pursued with respectful collaboration, shared ambitions and responsibility to our members, communities and experts. Unified we can intensify the accountability of governments and others for the achievement of a better future for our peoples.

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