Posted on 29 March 2012

Ten-Year Investment in the NT Must Involve Local and Community Control

Congress Co-Chairs said today they support the recent announcements for long-term funding to Northern Territory organisations and communities.

“We definitely see this as positive move and congratulate the Government for providing a much more stable arrangement from which communities and organisations can develop and improve their planning,” said Congress Co-Chair, Jody Broun.

“The extra services and infrastructure so far announced are positive and bring Aboriginal communities, including the homelands, closer to the level of service that all Australians would expect to have.

“We look forward to seeing detail for implementation of these programs and funds in partnership with communities,” she said.

Congress remains opposed to the legislation which is expected be debated in the Senate in the next sitting and continues to call for the Government to withdraw and review the bills.

“We remain extremely concerned that the bills before the Senate may pass without a human rights review in line with commitments the Government has made in relation to other bills,” said Congress Co-Chair, Les Malezer.

“These bills provide no incentives for improvement and the ‘blanket approach’ severely impacts upon the dignity of many Aboriginal people who deserve much better.

“The Government should reveal clear exit strategies to enable communities to have full control and decision-making for the successful delivery of these programs and services.

“We must look to the future; what will communities look like after ten years, and what are the positive steps that can be taken now to ensure people can wrest back control of their lives,” he said.

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